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> > Gundam 0079: Sayla Mass; OK technically, she didn't pilot a Gundam,
> > but she manuevered that Core Booster pretty darn well. Did she pilot
> > anything else?
> >
> Yes. She piloted the Gundam itself in a couple of incidents during the
> battles with Ramba Ral, and then in some unofficial side stories, was
> given the G-3
> <<snip>>
> > 0080-Stardust Memories: Nina Purpleton, although I wouldn't exactly
> > call the moves that she did with that core fighter in Ep 13 "piloting"
> > (nor did she have any authorization to be in the core fighter in the
> > first place), she still was at the controls.
> >
> Doesn't count, IMHO. Sayla at least did pilot the Gundam a couple of
> times. Not so Nina.

Thanks for giving the extra information regarding Sayla, Chris. It's
much appreciated. As for Nina, even the subject line of my original
message mentions only "Gundam Pilot," in the introduction of the
message's body I wrote "who have either piloted a Gundam or Gundam
component." The core fighter is still a part of a Gundam, which is why
I included Nina. I agree that she didn't pilot a Gundam, but she was in
a Gundam component, which is what I was going after as well.


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