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> my apologies, i didn't know that much about US military hardware, was
> thinking about it from civilian point of view. the stuff you mentioned i
> always thought of more as space saving designs rather than truly accurate
> ones (the phalanx), or were only good against stationary targets
> (abrams/leopards). the steady cam i think is a weaker argument because a
> camera doesn't have mechanical vibrations of the magnitude of a rapidfire
> weapon. apologies.

The steady Cam reference was to how platform movement can be canceled out and
the camera can stay on target with very little vibration or jerking action.
Modern MBTs can fire while moving at moving targets. The Abrams was know to
fire three rounds from its main gun while doing 45 mph before the first round
actually hit and destroyed the target. The same system that allows these was
first mounted on the Leopard II MBT. The Phalanx system provides the best
example of how a "head" mounted weapon system would track a target.

> anyway, if that is the case...another thing comes to mind...considering the
> space in a gundam's head for much ammo can one actually store,
> as in is it like in fighter planes, like in the A10, or do they store as
> much ammo as an actual turret-based weapon (like the phalanz)? and what
> sort of ammo do gundam head cannons use?

In the movies I have, I can see that the majority of the head is hollow, and
that the ammo for the vulcans is loaded as one or more "block" magazines. I
have no idea how these magazine works or how rounds are present. In the first
episode, though, we see Amuro burn through his Vulcan ammo load in a matter
of seconds.


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