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Heero wrote:
> Hi Group!
> I am trying to compile a lists of females who have either piloted a
> Gundam or Gundam component in the entire Gundam universe. This includes
> not only the animes, but the various novels, games, mangas, and other
> side stories which I know virutually next to nothing about. The only
> sources I have are what videos have been released commercially, various
> fansubs, and books written in Japanese which I wish I could read but
> can't, but I hey, could understand the pictures and filmshots pretty
> damn well :-), and magazine synopses which I haven't read in years.
> Below is a list of who I know about, which contains a lot of omissions
> as well as perhaps, some errors, so any corrections and additions would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot!
> Peter
> Universal Century Timeline
> Gundam 0079: Sayla Mass; OK technically, she didn't pilot a Gundam,
> but she manuevered that Core Booster pretty darn well. Did she pilot
> anything else?
Yes. She piloted the Gundam itself in a couple of incidents during the
battles with Ramba Ral, and then in some unofficial side stories, was
given the G-3


> 0080-Stardust Memories: Nina Purpleton, although I wouldn't exactly
> call the moves that she did with that core fighter in Ep 13 "piloting"
> (nor did she have any authorization to be in the core fighter in the
> first place), she still was at the controls.

Doesn't count, IMHO. Sayla at least did pilot the Gundam a couple of
times. Not so Nina.

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