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Hi Group!

I am trying to compile a lists of females who have either piloted a
Gundam or Gundam component in the entire Gundam universe. This includes
not only the animes, but the various novels, games, mangas, and other
side stories which I know virutually next to nothing about. The only
sources I have are what videos have been released commercially, various
fansubs, and books written in Japanese which I wish I could read but
can't, but I hey, could understand the pictures and filmshots pretty
damn well :-), and magazine synopses which I haven't read in years.
Below is a list of who I know about, which contains a lot of omissions
as well as perhaps, some errors, so any corrections and additions would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


Universal Century Timeline

Gundam 0079: Sayla Mass; OK technically, she didn't pilot a Gundam,
but she manuevered that Core Booster pretty darn well. Did she pilot
anything else?

0080-War in the Pocket: Christine Mackenzie-pilot of the NT-1 "Alex".
Even if she wasn't intended to be the pilot of the Alex (after all, the
SUIT was originally designed for newtypes, and Amuro in particular), she
was the only one capable of operating it at the the Zions attacked the
secret Federation base. Plus, at the end of the series, she managed to
maintain the Alex in a condition lot better than how other Gundams ended
up, with only a head and part of an arm missing. Makes you wonder why
the Federation didn't simply repair and reuse it. Then again, doesn't
it seems that Gundams are rarely ever repaired? They simply get
replaced with the newest model.

0080-Stardust Memories: Nina Purpleton, although I wouldn't exactly
call the moves that she did with that core fighter in Ep 13 "piloting"
(nor did she have any authorization to be in the core fighter in the
first place), she still was at the controls.

Zeta Gundam: Emma Sheen-Pilot of the RX-178 Gundam Mk II when Camille
took the helm of the Zeta Gundam
                Four Murasame-Pilot of the MRX-009 Psycho Gundam
                Rosamia Bagame-Pilot of the MRX-010 Psycho Gundam MK II

Gundam Double Zeta: This is the show I would like the most help with.
The only references I have are watching a raw version of the last
episode, a few Newtype 100% Collection books, and a poster. My poster
shows the Double Zeta in the foreground, with the Zeta behind on the
left and the MK II behind to the right (You mean, the AEUG actually
repaired and still use these two SUITS???!!! Incredible!). Below the
SUITs are pictures of Judo, a purple-haired girl on the left (who I
assume flies the Zeta) and a blonde girl (who I assume flies Mk II). I
also assume that these two ladies are in the Core Base and Core Top when
Judo is piloting the Core Fighter. If I am mistaken, could you tell me
the pilots of the Double Zeta Gundam componenta are? The Gundam Project
does provide names to the characters, but since it doesn't have any
pictures or character descriptions, I don't know who is who, so any help
with this series I'd be thankful for.

Char's Counterattack: Kayra Su-Pilot of the RGZ-91 ReGz Refined Gundam

After Colony Timeline

Gundam Wing: Lady Une, even though she did accomplish getting the
bottom half of Wing Gundam blown off when she succeeded in pushing
Treize's Tallgeese II out of the way of Libra's beam cannon

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