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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:47:09 PDT

>Sorry folks I just came back from vacations. Concerning Sazabi 1/100
>reissued by B-club in the HLJ description it says "the head is not open"
>what do they mean?

In CCA, Char controlled the Sazabi from the head inside a ball cockpit
that could eject from the head, which he did during his final encountr
with Amuro in CCA. I believe an older 1/100 model of the Sazabi actual
ly had the ability to have the head open up and the cockpit ball come
out, but I believe they mean this model does not have that ability.

I have a 1992 HJ edition and the Sazabi 1/100 (Kotobukiya's) has another
weapon (sort of rifle) and the head can be opened, even it has an adaptation
  to include bateries insight the chest for the eye light. This one only
shows one gun and looks simpler.

Well, having the fannel racks open and the the individual fannels
being able to open up is pretty impressive, and this new B-Club kit
can do that!

>Can some one give a feedback more detailed about it, and also are the
>recast ones like this or what?

Chances are if you buy a recast it will not have the gimmicks and 1st
issue resin kit will have. In fact, most recast kits do not even come with
polycaps to make the kit articulate; you have to buy them yoursel
f. Some don't even come with instructions...

Mark Kai

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