Paul Fields (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:24:31 -0400

> But if the Dom is out of ammo, I wouldn't say it would stand as much of a
> chance since it only has the heat saber. It is great for long range
> or in hand to hand with an unprepared pilot.

Have you seen how much ammo you can stack on a DOM...

I've seen them decked out with:

2 Sturm Fausts
1 Machine Gun, 2 Clips
1 Bazooka, 2 Clips
1 Heat Saber

and the MG clips are pretty small, so carrying 4
wouldn't really be that tough. But yes, Heat Saber
v. Beam saber is tough to bear... And I should also
revise my earlier statement, some Space GMs are
better than other space units... but on the ground I
give GMs even odds gainst Zakus, and lower vs
Doms, and Goufs, and the Googs, hang it up...


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