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>Was Minmay that bad in the Japanese version of Macross? I've only seen
>a few eps of Macross (the ones released as part of Streamline's
>Robotech-Perfect Collection), and to my recollection, she way OK. I
>more vividly remember Minmay as portrayed by Reba West in Robotech whose
>voice was a bit annoying after a while. As for the American songs,
>let's just say that I'd much rather hear the Japanese songs as performed
>by Mari Ijima, whom I'd have the pleasure of seeing perform in
>conventions twice. Too bad, the only Macross song she sang at both
>shows was "Do You Remember Love."
>I also remember Minmay in the Do You Remember Love movie and thought she
>was alright in that as well. True, there was that incident when she
>refused at first to sing that love song near the end, but I understand
>why. After all, the guy she was interested in (Hikaru) left her for
>another woman (Misa). Plus, after months of being in the outskirts of
>the solar system, she finds her home planet devastated, her parents
>dead. Had I been in a similar situation, I'd be reluctant to do any
>favors for the person who just dumped me as well. Granted, she did
>overreact when she said that she wished that everyone besides she and
>Hikaru were dead, but I don't think that warranted that slap from
>Hikaru. But that's just my humble opinion.

Actually, I agree with you about the original Minmay. My opinions have been
colored by the fact that, with the exception of a few eps and the Movie,
that my only experiences have been with Reba West, who's portrayal I thought
was a screeching little idiot.

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