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Was Minmay that bad in the Japanese version of Macross? I've only seen
a few eps of Macross (the ones released as part of Streamline's
Robotech-Perfect Collection), and to my recollection, she way OK. I
more vividly remember Minmay as portrayed by Reba West in Robotech whose
voice was a bit annoying after a while. As for the American songs,
let's just say that I'd much rather hear the Japanese songs as performed
by Mari Ijima, whom I'd have the pleasure of seeing perform in
conventions twice. Too bad, the only Macross song she sang at both
shows was "Do You Remember Love."

I also remember Minmay in the Do You Remember Love movie and thought she
was alright in that as well. True, there was that incident when she
refused at first to sing that love song near the end, but I understand
why. After all, the guy she was interested in (Hikaru) left her for
another woman (Misa). Plus, after months of being in the outskirts of
the solar system, she finds her home planet devastated, her parents
dead. Had I been in a similar situation, I'd be reluctant to do any
favors for the person who just dumped me as well. Granted, she did
overreact when she said that she wished that everyone besides she and
Hikaru were dead, but I don't think that warranted that slap from
Hikaru. But that's just my humble opinion.


Chris Beilby wrote:
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> >I think my #1 Macross Girl is Misa, the flight director (?). Too bad no
> >man in Macross is deserving of her.
> >
> Misa was I believe First Officer in the original. (I know Lisa was in
> Robotech)
> > > romance. (talk about whirlwind romances and tough mamas ;) neither
> >was
> > > claudia a pushover.
> >
> >Hmmm to which Claudia are you referring?
> >
> I think he means Claudia LaSalle, the African bridge officer who was
> involved with Fokker. (Claudia Grant in Robotech)
> Of course, even though they are more 2 dimentional, you can't forget the
> Bridge Bunnies, Kim, Vanessa, and Shammie. They always could be relied on
> for the sometimes needed comic relief. (Besides, anyone's better than
> Minmay!)
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