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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 14:42:46 -0400

> <<
> In a head to head battle between squadrons of Rick Dom and GM with pilots
> similar experience, GM should come up ahead every time. >>

> Yeah since the GM's have beam weapons and sabers wheras all pre gelgoog ms
> are lucky to have projectile weapons and heat sabres/axes/etc.>

What are you all smoking... GMs vs. Zaku's of similar experience
I'll buy into... but GM vs. Doms or Rick Doms, the GM pilot had better.
bring out his Bazooka quick, because the GMs beam pistol isn't
even close to the Gundam's beam rifle, and can't kill a dom real
easy. Now if you want to try to use a nearly fair example, in 0083
the Doms tore up the Fed test pilots at Torrington base, and by
0083 pilots have as much experience piloting as you can get w/o
being a OYW ace from either side, and that is skill and experience
that you just can't train.

GMs vs. Gelgoogs, or Goufs, you can pretty much give it up...

but as mentioned earlier, the Feds had numbers, and beam
weapons. The Zeon had raw recruits, and a few more aces.
That is why the Feds finally won.


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