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> I should add that my #2 Gundam Girl is Aina Sakhalin
> (08MST). She's kind, passionate, and one hell of a
> go-getter. If she got comparable screen time as
> Mirai, she could probably be #1.

Same here. She's not quite as head strong as Mirai,
but she's as natural as you can get compares to the
likes of Four, Sara, and Quess. She's actually a
pretty good test pilot, too, until she bumps into
Shiroh and whatever mecha he's piloting.

My other favourite Gundam woman is Karen Joshua, a
very real military woman; as well as Cima from 0083:
cunning, independent, venomous, and toughness all roll
into one.

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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