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>I think my #1 Macross Girl is Misa, the flight director (?). Too bad no
>man in Macross is deserving of her.
Misa was I believe First Officer in the original. (I know Lisa was in

> > romance. (talk about whirlwind romances and tough mamas ;) neither
> > claudia a pushover.
>Hmmm to which Claudia are you referring?
I think he means Claudia LaSalle, the African bridge officer who was
involved with Fokker. (Claudia Grant in Robotech)

Of course, even though they are more 2 dimentional, you can't forget the
Bridge Bunnies, Kim, Vanessa, and Shammie. They always could be relied on
for the sometimes needed comic relief. (Besides, anyone's better than

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