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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam and GM; Yes the Discussion Goes On!
> For the past few weeks, I've been reading posts regarding GM's and how
> crappy they (and their pilots) are. Now, I admit that the
> percentage of
> GM blown to bits is considerably higher than that of Zion
> mobiles suits
> has been. Heck, even HLJ calls the GM the "classic 'blow me up,
> please!' good guy mecha" in its description for the MG GM. However,
> there are several legitimate explanations to this, and I have come to
> help defend the honor of the GM and their crews.
> For one thing, the Zions have had mobile suits many years longer than
> the Federation. The MS-05 Zakus were first thought of in UC
> 0073 with a
> prototype coming a year or so later. This is a whole 5 years
> before the
> RX project was even a twinkling in the minds of Federation engineers.
> It that period of time, the Zions had plenty of time to train their
> pilots in the arts of mobile suit piloting and combat. Plus,
> they were
> able to come up with advancements in their technology as
> well, replacing
> the MS-05 with the MS-06 Zaku II and coming up with variants of that
> model as well. The Zions were also able to come up with
> different kinds
> of mobile suits as well, like the Gouf, Ric Doms, and so forth. It
> wasn't until the latter part of UC 0079, that the Federation were able
> to manufacture its first mobile suits, and by then, the Zions already
> had a 6+ year head start. And the GM's weren't even introduced until
> near the end of 0079. So, calling the GM inferior to Zion
> mobile suits
> is rather unfair considering the facts that I have pointed
> out. If the
> Federation and Zions had developed mobile suits at the same time,
> perhaps it would have be a different situation.
> Another discussion that I have been following on the ML is what is a
> Gundam and a GM. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a suit
> have to be
> made of Gundarium/Lunar Titanium in order to be considered a
> "Gundam"?
> It's true that the majority of the Gundams in the UC sagas have been
> prototypes, but they were also armored with Gundarium as well which is
> the reason why they can survive being bombarded by beam fire, missile
> attacks, and a whole slew of other weapons that would totally
> obliterate
> an ordinary mobile suit. It's a good thing too that Kou (whom a while
> ago was called "the most unaffective Gundam pilot") was in a Gundam.
> Had he not had the GPs' added armor, he'd probably been killed in the
> first battle with Gato. Even Christine was lucky to have been in the
> Alex, for she probably would not have survived Misha's ferious barrage
> if it weren't for the fact that she was in a Gundam.
> Any comments/rebuttals to the above would be greatly appreciated!

OYW Federation GM Mobile Suit is superior in every way to any Zeon mobile
suit with the possible exception of some Gelgoog and if you identified Jiong
as a mobile suit. You're right in that Federation lack experience pilots
for these MS, and their pilot seemed to be drawn primarily from space
fighters corp. Although by the time of the final battle, Federation did
have some pilots with experience under their belt (Operation Odessa & Battle
of Solomon), and Zeon are relying on student volunteers to fill the huge gap
left by their dead. One thing that Federation has that Zeon lacks is
resource, both material and man power. Once Zeon failed to quickly finished
up Federation, they were doomed.

In a head to head battle between squadrons of Rick Dom and GM with pilots of
similar experience, GM should come up ahead every time.

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