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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, garrick lee wrote:
> uhm...i do think miriya (macross) was the opposite of being dysfunctional at

Hmmm my memory of people and events in Macross is pretty suspect.
Miriya... That's the Miriya who fell in love with Max? Yeah she's a very
good character.

I think my #1 Macross Girl is Misa, the flight director (?). Too bad no
man in Macross is deserving of her.

> romance. (talk about whirlwind romances and tough mamas ;) neither was
> claudia a pushover.

Hmmm to which Claudia are you referring?

I should add that my #2 Gundam Girl is Aina Saharnin (08MST). She's kind,
passionate, and one hell of a go-getter. If she got comparable screen
time as Mirai, she could probably be #1.

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