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A very belated reply...

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Heero wrote:
> that you all know a lot the Gundam models, books, shows, mangas, and so

Well, my area is pretty limited. But I bluff along ^_^

> and so forth. I was wondering where you all get your information

Other people have said it quite well. I just want to add one thing:


All the models, books, mangas, music etc etc are fringe stuff. They exist
only in relation to the anime.

> but they don't go beyond the 1YW and are obviously under construction.

Do remember that 1YW is a pretty big piece of the pie:

0079, 0080, 08MST, and (on a stretch) 0083 are all about 1YW itself.
Z, ZZ and CCA are all direct legacy of 1YW.
F91, V and perhaps Turn-A are remotely related to 1YW.
X, Wing, Endless Wing, G are unrelated to 1YW.

> What I would like are translations to all the Gundam books (artbooks,
> film stories, model catalogs, and so forth) and model instructions that

Wow, even Yamato (Star Blazer) and Macross (Robotech) didn't get half of
those material translated. Let alone Gundam, which is just now making
headway into America.

> I can't read a word of. Regarding the model instructions, putting the
> models are no problem, I could follow the diagrams simple enough. It's

Perhaps if you have a specific question about the model instructions, you
can find the answer here.

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