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<< Playmates Toys (The Ninja Turtle toy maker) even made a figure line based
 it. >>
Actually, I've seen those figures at a discount store (Big Lots) just
recently. I should pick some up. I think Playmates just bought the rights to
release them here, not manufacture them. The American release looks just like
the original line from either Takara or Bandai (My memory fails me). I
remember seeing a Japanese commercial for the toy (gotta love those Japanese
toy commercials, 'specially the Gundams).

<<I'm sure there's more then one season of it made in Japan >>
IIRC, there was also a OVA (or OAV...heh heh) for Samurai Troopers. I've
never seen it myself, but I recall seeing an ad in an old Animage.

Chris H

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