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>For the past few weeks, I've been reading posts regarding GM's and how
>crappy they (and their pilots) are. Now, I admit that the percentage of
>GM blown to bits is considerably higher than that of Zion mobiles suits
>has been. Heck, even HLJ calls the GM the "classic 'blow me up,
>please!' good guy mecha" in its description for the MG GM. However,
>there are several legitimate explanations to this, and I have come to
>help defend the honor of the GM and their crews.

uhm...well, actually i thought the reason for 'blow me up' deaths was for
production purposes and had nothing to do with the story itself.

it seems that there has to be lots of the big-guns-blowing-things-up factor
in your obligatory mass melee. mecha fighting action is, after all, part of
what makes this anime genre so appealing.

and since i suppose the main characters usually pilot gundams, it's the rest
of the unimportant faces (piloting gm's, gcannons and tanks) who get blown
up (to fill the quota of random death in war).
even in macross, it's the same thing. the destroids and
non-main-character-piloted valkyries and zentraedi pods and power armors get
chewed up lots. these obligatory generic-character-deaths seem to make up
the bulk of stock footage in animating combat. it's a pretty common
storytelling device -- to tell the tale of the heroes (who can't die simply
because they have a story to go through).

that's just my flakey observation of course. :P


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