garrick lee (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 13:29:32 PHT

>You ever notice those "buttkicking heroines" tend to be pushovers, or
>worse, disfunctional when it comes to romance? (BTW Mirai is my #1 Gundam
>Girl, too bad she turned into a wife/mother clone after 0079. If it were
>up to me, I would have her pilot every ship that Bright commands, with one
>hand on the wheel dodging missiles, the other holding her baby. That's
>what I call a tough mama :)

uhm...i do think miriya (macross) was the opposite of being dysfunctional at
romance. (talk about whirlwind romances and tough mamas ;) neither was
claudia a pushover.

>On a related note, if you look at the magazine covers in North America,
>you may notice that both men's and women's magazines are uniformly
>displaying big breast, sexy, and mostly blonde girls. So you can't
>completely blame men for the phenomena.

hey! not all guys go for the dumb blonde stereotype! :)
if i may be honest, i have this impression that most men's and women's
magazines (not only american publications, mind you) are typically for
dolts. but i may be wrong.


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