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> For those of you interested in Ronin Warrior figures, I often find
> auctions for them on eBay. They tend to go for about $7.00-$10.00, and
> if you're lucky, you might get a figure for $5.00 or so. It depends on
> the number of bids and if you bid on wisely. Considering that they are
> no longer made and apparently, a demand for them, getting a figure for
> $10.00 or less ain't too bad IMHO.

I just got an idea. Since Ronin Warriors is supposed to on CN this September,
maybe one of those independent action figure companies, namely ReSaurus,
would decide to make new Ronin Warrior's figures? The US figures are very
cool, but have spring loaded joints for combat action, which is a neat
gimmick, but limits the poses it can be put in.


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