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> Subj: Re: [gundam] chogokin Char's Zaku II (I think...)
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> > reasoning for only making Char's Zaku II could be because the red Zaku
> > represents Char, Amuro's enemy/rival, whereas the green grunt Zaku II
> doesn't
> Good point! But sometimes even Bandai forgets that. Remember the green
> PG come out a lot earlier than the red PG? Didn't someone talked about
> painting the green PG red?

Yep, then there's that, which I forgot about. But, I don't think the PPG's
are going to be limited, as I have seen the PG's all over the 'Net. Then
there's the PG Zeta Gundam rumors. I thought the MG Zeta didn't sell well for
Bandai? Just when you think you have Bandai figured out, they do something
different :) I guess what I said applies to the new chogokin's, but then it
doesn't work for the PG Zaku II case. I guess theories about Bandai must be
applied case by case :)

> Speaking of which, I suspect all the merry money making of MS really hurts
> the development of Gundam figures. There's the 10 characters set, and a
> while ago there was a single Sayla (?) doll. Is there anything else? (I
> am not counting the figures that comes with the MGs)
> ...

    Gundam figures is a good idea. I wouldn't mind having action figures of
the Gundam people. What would be cool is a 3 3/4 inch figure of Amuro,
poseabe like the 3 3/4 G.I. Joe's, that fits into a RX-78 Gundam scaled to
the figure. Then the figure could fit in the RX-78's removeable core fighter.
That would be awesome, but expensive! Not to mention huge in size ^_^ Then a
Char's Zaku II to go with it.

    It's not Gundam, but a Votoms and/or Garaski mecha could easily be done
this way. Just make the a toy with an openable cockpit to fit a fully
poseable 3 3/4 inch figure. It could be packaged with all the option weapons
and an 3 3/4 inch fully poseable pilot, with a window box similar to the
Exo-Squad robots and figures. I am dreaming, but Garaski done this way would
be very cool. :)


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