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On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, mirai yashima wrote:
> protagonist? I got the feeling that most of these shows with large-breasted
> women protagonists appealed to men. (Cutey Honey, Project A-ko, Dirty Pair,

Right. And in the West, we have Xena. Interesting that Xena does have
some female followings, but it's pretty obvious over 50% of Xena fans are

> Most women fans either seem to fall into the category of fans of shoujo
> anime, like the magical girl type shows (Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura,
> etc.) or droolers of bishounen (Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam W, etc.) Of course
> there are some fans who go for the storyline...

I can say for sure that Sailor Moon is not my cup of tea. Don't really
know about the others. I remember when I was a kid, I secretly loved some
of the girls' cartoons. I don't know the English or Japanese name. One
was "Searching for mother for a thousand miles", there were a few more,
but I can't even remember the Chinese name :P

Does "Galaxy Express 999" count?

I suspect a lot of boys watched them too. But of course we never admitted
to each other that we watch them ^_^;

> I find that many fans of shoujo actually dislike big-breast, sexy girl
> anime. (I certainly don't care for them) You may want to keep this in mind
> when recommending anime to women.

You ever notice those "buttkicking heroines" tend to be pushovers, or
worse, disfunctional when it comes to romance? (BTW Mirai is my #1 Gundam
Girl, too bad she turned into a wife/mother clone after 0079. If it were
up to me, I would have her pilot every ship that Bright commands, with one
hand on the wheel dodging missiles, the other holding her baby. That's
what I call a tough mama :)

On a related note, if you look at the magazine covers in North America,
you may notice that both men's and women's magazines are uniformly
displaying big breast, sexy, and mostly blonde girls. So you can't
completely blame men for the phenomena.

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