Ray Hashman (megaman@infinet.com)
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:17:47 -0400

> > Someone told me that CN is supposed to start running Ronin Warriors
> > sometime is September. I tried going to the CN website but couldn't
> > find anything on it, and I didn't feel like subscribing to their
> > newsletter. Oh, well! Personally, I'd rather see an uncensored raw
> > version of Samurai Troopers like Aaron, but I guess this is better than
> > nothing.
> >
> > Peter
> Hope its true, because I want to watch it again. I'll record all the
> episodes, if this really happens. I read somewhere, that Ronin Warriors
> wasn't edited too much, but you really never know unless you watch the
> orginial Japanese and the American ones and compare them. This was done
> Dragon Ball Z and made into the DBZ Uncensored site. If they bring Gundam
> Wing to Cartoon Network, I hope its uncut and Americanized. Of course it
> be dubbed, though, since it would be on American TV. If dubbing is done
> right, dubbing does work.

Ronin Warriors is slated for September, and the new batch of DBZ is rumored
to start on the 6th of September as well. I have the entire Ronin Warriors
taped from the original airing years ago. It does seem to be either cut or
didn't use much bad material like some others. Then again, I don't see why
much of the cuts in DBZ happened anyway. (Except for the sign language
between Racoon and Gohan. ^_^)

BTW, where did someone see the info about Gundam Wing coming to TV? If I
can get the source info, I have someone who may be able to check it out.
(He talks with CN frequently.)

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