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> Heh prob....I'm always willing to share what little knowledge I
> (and trust me, theres very little..heh heh). I just happened to see 2 eps
> the original series that aired in Japan. Cool series.

A few years ago, my local Fox station showed Ronin Warriors during the Summer
and I watched every episode and couldn't wait to see each new episode. Fox
showed every episode from beginnig to end with a rerun once, I think it was
in reruns for a week or two, but then new episodes starting showing again.
Playmates Toys (The Ninja Turtle toy maker) even made a figure line based on
it. Then, Ronin Warriors died a quiet death. Its sad, really, because it was
a great show. If it does come to Cartoon Network, maybe people will get
interested in it. I'm sure there's more then one season of it made in Japan.


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