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> Someone told me that CN is supposed to start running Ronin Warriors
> sometime is September. I tried going to the CN website but couldn't
> find anything on it, and I didn't feel like subscribing to their
> newsletter. Oh, well! Personally, I'd rather see an uncensored raw
> version of Samurai Troopers like Aaron, but I guess this is better than
> nothing.
> Peter

 Hope its true, because I want to watch it again. I'll record all the
episodes, if this really happens. I read somewhere, that Ronin Warriors
wasn't edited too much, but you really never know unless you watch the
orginial Japanese and the American ones and compare them. This was done for
Dragon Ball Z and made into the DBZ Uncensored site. If they bring Gundam
Wing to Cartoon Network, I hope its uncut and Americanized. Of course it will
be dubbed, though, since it would be on American TV. If dubbing is done
right, dubbing does work.


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