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> > Now, what does the Sentai team have to with Gundam? I'm sure most of you
> > are thinking Gundam Wing, which is a variant of Sentai Genre, the one of
> > Saint Seiya. Sure, there is no said "team" but you have your leader/hero,
> > your renegade/bad-ass, your effeminate guy (replacing your token girl), and
> > so fourth.
> My all time favorite favorite sentail style show, is Ronin Warriors. They
> actually ended the story, before it stopped being shown on American TV a few
> years ago. Its way off topic, but does anyone what is Ronin Warriors called
> in Japan? And is there anyway to purchase epsisodes of the Japanese version
> of Ronin Warriors?
> Aaron
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Hey Aaron and other Ronin Warrior fans!

Someone told me that CN is supposed to start running Ronin Warriors
sometime is September. I tried going to the CN website but couldn't
find anything on it, and I didn't feel like subscribing to their
newsletter. Oh, well! Personally, I'd rather see an uncensored raw
version of Samurai Troopers like Aaron, but I guess this is better than


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