Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:07:34 EDT

I saw the first episode today and its great! As far as very first episodes
go. It looks like one of those shows where the story details are filled in
during each episode. Its supposed to run every weekday for a 40 episode run!
Its totally CGI, but the facial movement and stuff are very well done. Every
new CGI show I see, the CGI gets better and better. In the first episode,
there was two types of robot, a two-legged, armless robot with claws sticking
out of the front of it, which basically looks like an ostrich with a domed
cockpit. Then there's a battle suit, which a suited up pilot stands in. The
arms make the robot ape-like. The pilots legs seemed to be in the robots
legs, but the arms, are made in such a way that there's no way the pilots
arm's could possibly fit in them. The troops where all in a standard space
battlesuit, spacesuit helmet with, fold down face guard, which appears to be
designed to work when there's a breathable atmosphere, formfitting, but
slightly armored. The music is well done,but nothing to blow you away. All in
all, it looks to be a good cartoon. It comes on the Sci-Fi channel at 7:30 AM
EST every weekday.


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