Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 22:42:07 +0100

>Myself? I just take it as it is & enjoy the 60 minutes
>of of mindless fun. I must admit that I prefer the
>'modern stuffs' like the Hotel War, School Festival,
>etc. than the forced "Sengoku" & "Knight Gundam"

The problem - if that's the right word - is that the Knight Gundam stuff
*seems* to be played pretty straight. As for me, I prefer Mk 1 [original] Mk
II, Mk III and SD Gundam Strikes Back - although the Sengoku episode on Mk V
is kindof nice. I must admit I could live without SD Gundam Scramble or MK
IV [which I feel is kindof week, even with the trip into the non-SD world in
the second part...]

Anybody have a complete list of what's available, btw?

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