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> As far as I know/recall, Tokusatsu is something off of Special Photograph
> Technique where as Sentai is Taskforce. Or I could be thinking in reverse.

Right, tai should be "team" as in 08th MS Team. Sen could be a number of
things or a non-Kanji. Wonder how photo technique factors into anime

> Either way, these genres refer to a taskforce of teens/young adults fighting
> evil, and you all know the team breakdown.

Is there a name for the genre of live action shows like Ultraman and
Masked Rider? In a touchy feely way, these shows were a little similar to
Spideman, with a forlorn and melancholic hero. What other genres were
there? How about that big round red clumsy robot with a good heart? It
would be useful to find the English names of all those old shows.

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