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I just use regular AirForce decals which I buy seperately at my local hobby
shop. I use what ever looks good from F-16, F-14 and P-38 decals. You can
even get stripe decals

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hey everyone, I was just wondering whats a good place or company to buy
decals from. I know wave makes decals, but i've nevre seen them. I'm
especially looking for the stripe decals and all those little warning and
caution decals that the finished kits in hobby japan all seem to have. For
example, in hobby japan 8 (Dom on cover), they have the dom with red
on its front and back skirts. The MG kits I have never seem to have enough
usable decals for me, or they all seem to be too big or corny, i don't
want to put no step or 540lb all over my kits, thanks everyone!


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