jorgelee (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 08:04:45 -0800

"Paul Fields" <> wrote on Sunday August 29,
1999 at 9:58pm:
>Whereas I have ten Zeon MS to field against them.
>Once I have a few more GMs, I might start working
>on my second squad of Zakus. I'm also going to
>get the Rick Dom, and Geloogs, but hell I'm having
>a hard enough time finding GMs.

Same problem here. It's kind of hard looking for loose pieces. So far,
I only have the following from wave 8:

Gundam x3
Rick Dom II

Just a day or two ago, some guy was selling the Agguy for $8 and
somebody actually made a bid for it!!!!

Anybody wants to do a swap? I definitely don't need 3 Gundams.

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