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>> Maybe i'm just nitpicking, but if the demands are
>> there, a HGUC RX-78 is still a possibility, we can
>> dream on. :)
> They have tons of versions of Rx-78 in kit form,
> figures, etc. I'm probably reaming, but I don't see
> how a HGUC RX-78 can hurt. There's the FG 1/144
> RX-78, all they have to do is mold it in color and
> label it HGUC. and maybe add ploycaps.

I agree. There are so many versions of RX-78 kits on
the market, and fans just want more out of it. While
the price of PG Zaku II and even PG Red Comet is
plummeting, the PG Gundam is still popular and pricey.
Now even the resin kits has several versions of RX-78,
then our hope for a HGUC Gundam is certainly alive.


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