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>> Anyway I have some questions about Blue Destiny, but I'll do some
>>research before I start opening my mouth. (^_^) Later..
> Heheheheh... good luck on your research, this is a bit off the beaten
>path so you may not find much.

        Okie, here's the "short" review of Blue Destiny, Mixx Manga version.

        1st thought: Standard US manga problem -- left and right are
reversed. So all the MSes are lefties now.. and it's damn wierd to see a
Zaku with the flat shield on its LEFT side...

        2nd -- waitaminute.. The story starts in November 0079, but there
are several inconsistences in the timeline..

        1. They were already using RGM-79Gs? IIRC, RGM-79Gs are only used in
the latter half of the OYW -- 0080 and onwards.

        They were also using RGM-79(G) weapons -- the 180mm cannon, the
missile launcher. I can sure understand the need for weapon modularity, but
IIRC, the 08MST MSes had computer interfaces between gun and hand; I'm not
too sure whether the RGM-79G can interface properly with the weapons.

        The kicker? One GM was spotted using a bazooka that came from the
Mk. II Gundam! <grin>

        2. I thought Zugock-Es are late war experimental units? Oh well, if
the Cyclops can have them, so can the Bloody Sharks. =)

        3. Captain Amy Bauer-Meister must have really distingushed herself
in Operation Odessa -- Operation Odessa starts on 071179, and she's already
well known for her actions in the Odessa attacks by the time of the story.
Hmm.. unless there's another series of battles in Odessa?

        Other Thoughts:

        1. Whatever made them use a RGM-79(G) for a EXAM unit? (grouse, grouse)

        2. What were the Zakus in the shot-down transport? 2 were obviously
Zaku Cannons -- can't be anything else, not with those big guns. But the
squad leader's Zaku seems to be heavily modified -- it had a J's spiked
shield, but had strange leg verniers that makes it look like a R type Zaku..
anyone has any idea?

        3. What was the Iflyte? The designation is MS-08TX, and it sure
looks like it stole certain ideas from the Gouf. Was there ever a MS-08?

        4. What's the relationship between Yu and Amy? Or Frank and Yu?
Another Roy Fokker - Rick Hunter "Big brother" relationship?

        Overall, a good-looking book, but it seems to have a less than
stellar story..

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