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> I liked the animals the best, because they were like voltron. By
> the way now
> that we are off topic, when did voltron come out?

Not really, if you're willing to listen to my diatribe about the Sentais and
its relations with Gundams...

Voltrons have their roots in two distinct genres of Anime: Tokusatsu and
Giant Robot. For the less enlightened, the Tokusatsu/Sentai genre is your
typical Power Rangers/Voltrons genre, where the teams of five (usually
broken down into the leader, the renegade, the big/power/fat guy, the token
kid, and the token girl who's the love interest of the leader) take on the
evil. This particular genre has its roots in the Science Ninja Team
Gatchaman aka Battle of the Planets aka G-Fore aka Something else recently.

Now, what does the Sentai team have to with Gundam? I'm sure most of you
are thinking Gundam Wing, which is a variant of Sentai Genre, the one of
Saint Seiya. Sure, there is no said "team" but you have your leader/hero,
your renegade/bad-ass, your effeminate guy (replacing your token girl), and
so fourth.

Sure. it's fairly superficial at best, but I'm sure there are others with
more knowledge that can fill the gaps...

Oh, the Voltrons are I think an 1982-4 (ish?) product.

Y. Choe

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