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> Oh, I know, I've already decided to use them
> I bought a few at Project Akon earlier this year
> and I'm collecting more from various sources
> now... the problem, is I don't have enough grunt
> units...
> right now the forces of Zeon consist of:
> a squad of Zaku IIs
> a squad of Doms
> a squad of Gogs
> and one Guff
> The federation consists of:
> Two Gundams
> One Guncannon
> One GM
> and that's it...
> > They are vinyl MS figurines (about 3 inches
> tall). The
> > one's on the Gundam Perfect Web you show us is
> series
> > #7, the previous series or after that cover other
> One
> > Year War MS from 0079, 0080, 08MS Team, Z, and
> MSV.
> > They are readily available at many Japanese models
> /
> > speciality shops so you can buy them or order them
> > easily. They are also available as coin-op
> 'capsule
> > toys' from time to time, but it's better to get a
> > whole set than trying your luck :) These figurines
> > would be nice for your game. Honest.

I agree the ratio of Zeon's MS in the figurine series
is much more favorable than those of the Feds. Maybe
you can try to get the earlier series (beore series
#7) which features various Gundams from MSV, as well
as later series, which has RX-79 and Ez8 from the
'08MS Team', and try to build a top-notch grunt units
w/ Gundam :) iirc, i think 0080's GMs is also featured
in one of the figurines, that i'm not sure.


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