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>Do you mean you won't mind the ungraded quality of the
>original 1:144 Guntank from 0079, or we can hope for a
>future HGUC release? Oh, won't that be nice? Too bad
>the RX-78 is now a FG, so no chance to make a trio of
>HGUC '0079 team' in forseeable future. Oh dear...

Hmmm. good question. If you look at HLJ, there was a resin kit release in
1/144, I think, of the 08th version of the guntank. so, it's just a matter
cost efficiancy calculations on part of the accountants of bandai if we
will see this turned into a 0079 HGUC kit version. The HG rx78 from way
back still is comparable to the HGUC, I think, so there probably be no HGUC
version coming out.

The FG isn't bad, really...I have one now, and i have to admit, I am
impressed with what they've been able to do with no polycaps. it is a very
good kit, all things considered.

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