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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:

> >> Ahh, that explains the Guntak's involvement...
> >> (Those things are bloody ugly.) Thanks for the
> >> info...
> >It's a matter of taste, really. Comparing the 08's
> >Guntank with the one from "Gundam 0079", the former
> >looks more like a real-life military vehicle,
> whereas
> >the 0079 Guntank got the cheesy chogokin feel. I
> like
> >them both, though.
> >Nightingale
> I'd still love to get my hands on an old guntank
> though...I mean, it'll be
> hell to bash and modify to make it more realistic,
> but it would be worth
> the time. It looks great as an addition to anyone's
> collection. specially
> if you're one to want the original team from 0079
> around.

Do you mean you won't mind the ungraded quality of the
original 1:144 Guntank from 0079, or we can hope for a
future HGUC release? Oh, won't that be nice? Too bad
the RX-78 is now a FG, so no chance to make a trio of
HGUC '0079 team' in forseeable future. Oh dear...


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