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> >How many of the Chogokin series for gundam are out now. I got the RX-78
> >I need to know what others are comming out? Let me know please!
> >
> >Newtype98
> They've only announced two - the RX-78-2 Gundam and the MS-06S Char's
> Zaku II. Looks like that's all, since they did not even announce a
> green grunt version Zaku II, and that should be a no-brainer whenever a
> Char's Zaku II is made in a medium, be it model or toy...
> I'd hate to hate to buy another Char's Zaku II chogokin toy and repaint it
> for a grunt version. These toys aren't easy to paint...
> Eddie

The Rx-78 and Char's Zaku II are it for the line. Cool Japanese Toys reported
on this about a month ago. I don't really see why they have to make a grunt
Zaku II Chogokin, as the Gundam is made for Gundam's 20th anniverisy. The
reasoning for only making Char's Zaku II could be because the red Zaku II
represents Char, Amuro's enemy/rival, whereas the green grunt Zaku II doesn't
really represent a certain person, just the the GM's. You wouldn't see a
chogkin GM released after the Gundam, either. Since both the GM's and green
Zaku II's represent the average joe solider, the mass of the Fed and Zeon
army's, kinda like Samurai's. There's two army's and the two best samurais
(The Gundan and Char's Zaku II) duel each other. I don't know much about
samurai warfare, but what I'm trying to say is, the wars heroes and villians
are always rememered, but the average joe on each side is usually forgotten.
We remember are President's, but we don't remember each worker at the White
House. Bandai isn't worried about if you want a green Zaku II, like all
companies, they want to make money are their products, resulting in making
what sales, and dropping what doesn't sell. Now, if Bandai decides a green
Zaku II chogokin will sell, then a green Zaku II chogokin will be made. A
Gundam and Char's Zaku II are better to celebrate Gundam, then a Gundam, a
Char's Zaku II, and a grunt Zaku II and/or a GM. Besides, making chogokin's
cost more then producing a model kit does.


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