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<< Could you give a little description of Macross: Perfect Memory?
 I really like the Be Forever Yamato (1983) book. 122 pages, 58 pages in
 colour, of which 42 is on glossy paper. The colour pages are mostly film
 clips, the black and white pages are packed with exquisite linearts.
 There's also song lyrics, interviews, and labeled drawings of various
 cockpits and control panels. The best part: I paid only C$10 for it.
It is basically the ultimate compendium of the original Macross series. It
has Illustrated synopsis of all of the episodes. It also has tons of
character art, mechanical illustrations, detailed illustrations of almost
every background ever seen, prototype designs of all of the mecha, and
numerous other goodies. IT is the best Anime book I've ever seen.


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