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On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, James L. Ravelo II wrote:
> it is? Since I use a brush to apply paint (an airbrush is expensive,

Brush vs. airbrush doesn't matter here.

> lot of things like ICs to be bought...) I don't really use Gunze Sangyo as
> paint except in desperation. I can't mix Gunze Sangyo colors as well as
> Tamiya (though I prefer the water-based paint rather than the other kind).

Really? Do you mean you have better success with mixing Tamiya colour in
Tamiya than with mixing Gunze colour in Gunze? I used Tamiya oil-based a
long time ago, it's pretty good, but now I prefer water-based paint.

> As for cost, a small bottle of Gunze Sangyo costs about as much as the
> water-based Tamiya.

In Toronto, a 10 mL Gunze Aqueous cost a little less than a 7 mL Tamiya
water-based. Judging from availablity, Testor and Tamiya oil-based
dominate the Toronto market, with Gunze far behind and Tamiya water-based
practically out of the picture. Thinking of it, it's a little strange.
Since Tamiya practically own the market in cars, armor, planes and ships,
Bandai, with Gundam and all, probably sits at 5% of the total model

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