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>Hi Group!
>I've been lurking through the ML for several months now, and it's
>obvious that a lot of you regulars (particularly: Eddie, Aaron, Z, SJ,
>Chris, Richie, Tabby, Chien-Ting, just to name a few), and it's obvious
>that you all know a lot the Gundam models, books, shows, mangas, and so
>forth. You guys also know a lot about the backgrounds about the mechas:
>how they were developed and by whom, how they are used, their pilots,
>and so forth. I was wondering where you all get your information
>regarding the Gundam universe. The Gundam Project and Gundam.com
>provide some background info about a few of the characters and suits,
>but they don't go beyond the 1YW and are obviously under construction.
>What I would like are translations to all the Gundam books (artbooks,
>film stories, model catalogs, and so forth) and model instructions that
>I can't read a word of. Regarding the model instructions, putting the
>models are no problem, I could follow the diagrams simple enough. It's
>all the accompanying text that describes the mecha (especially those
>thick manuals that accompany the PG kits) which I need help with. So,
>if anyone out there could offer me help with translations or provide me
>a place where I could get some translations, I would be really grateful.
>Thanks a lot!

Best way: learn Japanese. I get a lot of my info from the Chinese-
translated tapes and books, a luxury most of you do not have, so the best
way is to learn the source language. It will be easier than you think,
because most of the terms were Japanese phonic approximations of the term's
English word, so if you try to speak in a heavy Japanese accent, most of the
terms will jump out at you.

There used to be some websites that actually translates a Japanese webpage
into English, but most of them are too loaded with traffic to be usable
at all. If you could find a software that does that (a few years ago
someone was selling this software at AnimeExpo - it was called Nihongo
Surfer, IIRC, and it wasn't very good at the time) fairly well, then it will
be a good investment.


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