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> Got this TPB already -- seems rather complete, what's with the Vol.
>1 thing?

Gundam Side Story: Blue Destiny was originally a trilogy of computer games:
A Shudder of the Blue, A Successor of the Blue and The Judgement. The Blue
Destiny manga was based on the first game and was originally intended to be
the first of a trilogy of manga adaptations, hence Volume 1. The manga
tanked, however, and the publisher subsequently went bankrupt, hence no
Volume 2 or 3.

My only gripe with the manga is that we still don't know what "EXAM" means,
not even a half-vast outright invention. I'm also a bit disappointed with
the Romanizations -- "Iflyte" in particular.

Not the the "official" Romanizations from the game are all that great:

You Kajima (The Hero is "You"!)
Philip Hughes
Summona Fulis
Morline Kitamura
Alph Kamra
Chlust Morses
Nimbus Schterzen
Marion Whelch
MS-08TX Efreet


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