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> Just looking over my old Nov '98 Hobby Japan, in the
> 08th MS Team section...
> (snip)
> There's a caption and a profile (I assume) for
> 'RX-79(G) GM-Head'. Early in the pictorial it's a GM

> fighting a Gouf, but later on the GM is replaced by
> the Ez8..
> Would someone mind explaining this weird occurrance
> to me?

The dioramas you saw on HJ referred to the MS street
battle scene as shown on episode 10 of the "08" OVA
("The Shaking Mountain" part 1). The 'GM Head' is
actually Karen Joshua's RX-79(G) Gundam, with its
original Gundam head being trashed by an Aggai soon
after she survived her first parachute jump with a MS.
Since the spare parts for RX-79 are scarce at the
time, so the Federal Force bashed the head of
RGM-79(G) 'groung combat GM' on to the Gundam's body.
From that moment on, Karen was stuck with the nickname
"GM Head".

On the 'Gouf vs the GM head' dio, Karen's "GM Head"
was defending the RX-75 "mass-pro GunTank" from the
incoming Gouf. Since long-range artillery units are
required to blast the secret Zeon mountain base, the
RX-75 were there, and since they are slow-moving
'sitting ducks', the '08 Team' was assigned to guard
these Guntank units from Zeon's attack.

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