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Sun, 29 Aug 1999 03:13:39 -0700

>Here at last:
>Gundam Archive (1999.6.30, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1211-2) 392 pages (36
>color) for 10,000 -- numbered (mine's 04126) hardcover in slipcover.

I got no. 06452. How many are they printing?

>I was not prepared for the sheer size of this book: 380mm (15") by 265mm
>(10") by 50mm (2"). It weighs in at around 3 kilos (6.6 pounds)!
>I was a bit disappointed that the slipcover is cardboard, not a hard
>plastic shell like the one on Gundam Fix. It's also bright yellow, in
>sharp contrast to the book's hard covers, which are bright sky blue. The
>title and a Gundam face logo are emblazoned on the slipcover in raised
>vermilion, with the book itself is titled much more modestly, without the
>logo, in white.

I thought that slipcases were supposed to protect the book covers but I'm
more worried about the raised logo on the slipcase getting worn. Isn't that
the wrong way around?

>It's almost entirely B&W line art, with 36 pages on which the line art has
>been hand painted with watercolors. Flipping through the pages, you can
>watch the evolution of Gundam from the first sketches to the final
>animation style sheets. Some of these have been published elsewhere, most
>notably in Gundam Age, but the vast majority are unique to this book and
>the ones that appear elsewhere are not so expansively done.

I love seeing the drawings printed at presumably full size instead of tiny
and cramped like most line art is. The paper is really nice as well.

>Gihren Zabi was originally going to be bald and, along with the other Zeon
>aristocrats, wear a Zeon mark on his forehead. The Core Fighter was
>originally called the Freedom Wing and, at one point, sported an X-wing
>and, at another, a Hot Wheels style flame decal. The Gunperry was
>originally called the Freedom Cruiser. The Gouf originally carried what is
>now called the Gelgoog shield and had knee guard reminiscent of ancient
>knight armor. The earliest form of the Gundam as we know it, still called
>Gunboy, had a human face reminiscent of Giant Robo, which was covered by
>the familiar grilled mask later that same month (October 1978).

I really liked the Gogg and Zugock prototypes. The Zugock looked almost
like a Jack Kirby creation.

I wish the book had more color, especially for the price, but I guess the
archive only covered preproduction art, models sheets etc.
I'm still waiting for a Gundam book along the lines of Macross: Perfect
Memory. That's the best anime book i've seen.


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