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>At 19:40 8/28/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>I was wondering where you all get your information
>>regarding the Gundam universe. The Gundam Project and Gundam.com
>>provide some background info about a few of the characters and suits,
>>but they don't go beyond the 1YW and are obviously under construction.
>Meanwhile, you can still find some or all of the 13 issues of the 1992
>Gundam 0083 Sunrise Animation Film Comics from Viz or pick up the
>translated Gundam 0079 manga by Kazuhisa Kondoh, also from Viz, currently
>in release. Oh, yeah, and Mixx just released the Gundam Side Story: Blue
>Destiny in trade paperback.
...and every issue of viz's Gundam 0079 manga contains a few pages of
background info courtesy of Mark Simmons. Stuff I haven't seen translated
anywhere. Reason enough to get each issue. Sorry if it sounds like I'm
advertizing for Viz but I just don't want the Gundam manga to end up
getting cancelled like Patlabor (sniff, sob).


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