Hoi Fai Leung (chmikeangel@hotmail.com)
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 01:53:53 EDT

>Ahh... I so envy you then. I just had the misfortune to suffer through a
>Cantonese dubbed CCA. The translation was OK, a little clumsy but sounds
>accurate enough. But Arg! The voice acting! The voices have no
>personality beyond gender. Every sentence is delivered in the exact same
>tone for command, question, sarcasm, panic, anguish, love, puzzlement,
>awe and political speeches. I mean, it's one thing to act badly, it's
>quite another thing to completely strip all emotions and credibility from
>every single line in a movie.
>Ahh... how I miss the old 1981 dubbing of 0079. Maybe it's my heart
>instead of my head speaking, but I really think the Cantonese dubbing is
>better than the Japanese original.

I think I have watched that dubbed CCA also. All the monotone really makes
the film extremely boring. I don't know if the translation is good enough,
but I have had hard time understanding it. I mean, a person can say things
in conventional way, and then all of a sudden changes to extremely be
serious (like reading, instead of saying). Even worse, you might notice
there are only a few voices throughout the movie. Sometimes, you might hear
the same voice is arguing against itself... (because that voice is
representing two people arguing against each other)

Another thing, I believe the film is intended to be showed in spherical
screen (someone please correct me). That's why I feel the MSs in the movie
look kind of strange.

Talk about good dub, I can't leave without mentioning the TVB dubbed
Patlabor. It is GOOD! It really drives me into the series.


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