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"Mr. Nice Guy" wrote:
> >> Try OMG? It's a classic, and one of the goddesses is a bit violent, if
> >> nothing else. And on the same note, you can try You're Under Arrest.
> >
> >How about Gunsmith Cats? I saw the preview of it on one of ADV's Evangelion
> >tapes. Its about two girl bounty hunters's in Chicago, it's not science
> >fiction. It looked like a good anime. The preview shows lots of Gun fights
> >and a souped up car. It looked really cool, but there's no mecha in it.
> OMG, Gunsmith cats, and you're under arrest are all done by Kenichi
> Sonoda, odd huh?
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Wrong on two counts. Only GSC was done by Sonoda.

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