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>I've been lurking through the ML for several months now, and it's
>obvious that a lot of you regulars (particularly: Eddie, Aaron, Z, SJ,
>Chris, Richie, Tabby, Chien-Ting, just to name a few), and it's obvious
>that you all know a lot the Gundam models, books, shows, mangas, and so


>Thanks a lot!

well, to be honest, peter, In my case, I just got it by asking questions
here on the ML...and always looking at and Burke's mecha
domain, as well as the GML page...and any gundam related page you can find.
 It took a few months, but after that, you get a feel for it...also, I
don't remember where my friend got it, but he had a development chart of a
lot of the MS's from rx-78 to f91 I think. It probably came from one book
or another. I've also seen some of the gundam mooks and special magazines
from helps to look at these books, and in my case have a handy
copier now saving up to get my own stuff.

Hmmm...what I would suggest, really, is that you just keep a good "ear" to
the list, and ask questions privately, and I'm sure a lot of them would be
more than happy to help.

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