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>Guncannon and Quebley (and Type 100, IF the report of its impending HGUC
>release is true), yes, those fit into your hypothesis alright. But Gann
>and Zaku III kai? Can't really picture these one-episode-stand as
>proto-MG at this stage.
>BTW are the molds for injection kits scuplted by hand or by computer
>controlled machine? If by hands, then scaling kits up and down the size
>ladder is no simple matter.
>CHIN, Chien Ting could have been done by hand then laser-scanned to be translated
to that point, it would be easy to shrink....and yes, while I
do admit that the Kai and the Gann/Gyan are one-offs, it could be possible
that they have been doing all sorts of prototypes for all sorts of
kits...just having it there waiting for the right time to bve released, if
at all...OR, some of the people in the shop were doing it as side projects,
which their bosses noted and then saw fit to release...there are many ways
it could have cme about, other than executive decision or fan decision...

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