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Hi Group!

I've been lurking through the ML for several months now, and it's
obvious that a lot of you regulars (particularly: Eddie, Aaron, Z, SJ,
Chris, Richie, Tabby, Chien-Ting, just to name a few), and it's obvious
that you all know a lot the Gundam models, books, shows, mangas, and so
forth. You guys also know a lot about the backgrounds about the mechas:
how they were developed and by whom, how they are used, their pilots,
and so forth. I was wondering where you all get your information
regarding the Gundam universe. The Gundam Project and Gundam.com
provide some background info about a few of the characters and suits,
but they don't go beyond the 1YW and are obviously under construction.
What I would like are translations to all the Gundam books (artbooks,
film stories, model catalogs, and so forth) and model instructions that
I can't read a word of. Regarding the model instructions, putting the
models are no problem, I could follow the diagrams simple enough. It's
all the accompanying text that describes the mecha (especially those
thick manuals that accompany the PG kits) which I need help with. So,
if anyone out there could offer me help with translations or provide me
a place where I could get some translations, I would be really grateful.

Thanks a lot!


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