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Sat, 28 Aug 1999 19:38:35 -0700

> You may want to try making her watch Gundam Wing anyway. Several
> men on the
> Japanese Gundam Newsgroup commented that they succeeded in getting their
> non-anime fan wives/girlfriends hooked on Gundam through Wing. (Now the
> whole family watches Turn-A together...)

So, it is the Bishonen factor that makes the ladies drool over the Gundam
Wing saga?!?

The high level of Bishonen-ness and the slight Yaoi factor with a healthy
does of teenage love and angst makes this a tangy, delicious series for
females? Is it the political intrigue with a dash of alliances and double
dealing all stewing within the heavy dose Gundam action that makes this
appeal to the males? Or is it that which turns off the males off of Gundam
and vice versa?

OR is this all my rambling from the nice semi-heatstroke that I had earlier
today mixed in with too much boredom? Am I making sense?

On another decidedly different point, but also under the same topic:

Shrike Team in V Gundam was indeed an all female team, but I do believe that
they weren't a major player as I take it them to be. Besides, all meet same
sad destiny (and I will leave it at that).

There are other Anime that features buttkicking women as protagonists. I'm
sure there are many, but I'd imagine that many of those are of Magickal Girl

Y. Choe

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