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> I'm a Dunbine fan... though, I haven't watched a single
> episode of it. Does anyone here know of a download site
> with Dunbine episodes/OAVs?

    Don't think it was poplular enough to have an English site yet...

> Speaking of Dunbine, I'm currently playing this PS game
> called "Real Robot Battle Line". It's a strategy game
> very much similar to Super Robot Wars. It's kinda like
> a Real Robot SRW... probably a sequel to the "Battle
> Robot Shinshoden (Shinshoden?) for the the SFamicom,
> but this one has a SRW format, with spells and all...
> It also has a very nice 3D animation opening sequence.
> Is anyone familiar with this game?

    Yes, I have it. Only got to episode 27...

> Lastly, I would like to know a couple of things about
> Aura Battler Dunbine;

    Hope I can help you on that...

> 1) How old is Shou Zama at the end of the series?

    I believe he was still 18 or so. I just remember that he's around the
same age he was summoned to Bystone Well...

> 2) What happened to all the AB units Shou piloted?

    Dunbine was given to Marvel, who was killed (and Dunbine destroyed) by
the Black Knight. As for Billvine, all the AB units was "banished" from
Earth again by Sheila.

> Did he get to keep any of it in the end?

    Nope. Actually all AB units was banished from Earth in the last episode
by Sheila.

> 3) What was the role of Garalia? What's her relation
> to Shou?

    She was a superior officer of Shou. Her aura is not enough for her to
pilot AB early on, but later when the new experimental AB unit came out, she
pilot it. She original treat Shou as another pilot but after he became a
"traitor", she just treat him as another enemy. Never really trusted him,
even when they are both transport back to Earth by accident. After being
treated as Aliens on Earth, finally convinced by Shou to try to get back to
Bystone Well. She died when she and Shou tried to get back, since her AB
unit cannot stand the stress (I think it's also that her aura is not high

> 4) What happened to Cham in the end of the story?

    She was rescued by the people on Earth after the final battle. After
telling them of the story of Bystone Well, she left.

> 5) How did Shou beat all of those enemies who went
> "Hyper"?

    Let's just say it was a tough battle. He used a different tactic on each
one (Julie(?) and Todd. Black Knight's Hyper mode was prevented by the death
of Elly).

> 6) Is there really an "Aura Cut" attack in the series like that in
Super Robot Wars?

    I don't think so, although it seems that Shou used Aura Cut to defeat
Todd when he first get Billvine....

> 7) Dunbine is also created by Tomino, right? The mecha
> style is very much different than the MS in Gundam,
> did he design all those mecha?

    That's because original, Tomino never want any mecha in it. But Bandai
insist on it. He later wrote a novel of the show without the mecha.

> Thanks, I would really appreciate it if someone could
> help me with these matters.

    Hope I helped you....

Edmund Chiu

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